How to get rid of a cold

Uhh-oh. Your nose is starting to run or has gotten stuffy. You’re sneezing. Your throat might be slightly sore and you may be coughing. You feel “under the weather,” with slight body aches and a low-grade fever. These are all cold symptoms. Colds last five to seven days and antibiotics are not helpful – in fact, they may also be harmful. Instead, rely on simple, old-fashioned techniques to deal with this virus.



Listen to your body. Stay at home and start resting. This is one of the most effective things you can do, according to the Western Washington University website. When you feel tired, lie down and try to sleep. Even if you only doze off, this is better than if you were to “fight through” the cold and go to school or work. In fact, carrying on with your usual school/work schedule helps spread those germs. Call your instructors or boss and let them know you have a cold and don’t want it to spread. Then take that nap.

Drink lots of water, hot tea and chicken broth. Add citrus fruit juice to your battery of fluids. If you are feverish, you need to avoid dehydration. Clear fluids help you fight the mucus that accumulates. One fluid to avoid – alcohol, states the California State University Long Beach website.

Mix table salt with water – use one table spoon salt to one cup of warm water and mix it completely. Gargle at least twice a day to relieve your sore throat.

Saline Nasal Spray
Buy an over-the-counter saline nasal spray and spray it into both nostrils as needed during your cold to loosen the mucus and keep nasal passages moisturized for even more relief of your cold symptoms.


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