How to handle a cold

Tingling in the throat. Heavy head. A painful body. Well your body develops something. An average adult is cooled three times a year, and each cold lasts about nine days on average. The cold can be stopped before it erupts and takes control of our bodies, and feel better tomorrow.

Here are 12 tips you should apply with the onset of symptoms:

• Drinking plenty of water, chamomile tea, ginger, hot lemonade and natural juices. Chicken soup is an excellent remedy that proves itself every time.
• Onions and honey to relieve cough and phlegm symptoms.

• Warm, mustard compresses on the chest and back to relieve coughing and pain.

• Gurgling water with salt – Add half a teaspoon of salt to a cup of hot water. Salt absorbs excess water from the throat tissue, reduces inflammation, and cleans mucus and irritants from the back of the throat.

• The salt-water bath has the ability to absorb the excess and superfluous energies that are present in our body and cause the symptoms of the disease, and the salt has the ability to dissolve them.
Fill with water in the bath and add a generous amount of salt. Come in, enjoy yourself, rest, breathe and relax.

• Proper breathing – breathe deeply, allow fresh air, fresh, fresh and fresh to enter and penetrate as deeply as possible. Go back and breathe like babies. Breathe from the stomach. Breathing through the nose and not through the mouth.

For the next six hours ..

• If you can skip work and go home to rest – your body can fight off the virus better if you allow it to rest well.

• Hygienic – To avoid sharing germs with others, always wash your hands regularly or use alcohol-based antiseptic gel. Unusual surfaces that came into contact with sick people (computer keyboard, handles, etc.).


• Easy physical activity can strengthen the immune system. The intention is for very easy exercise while keeping the heart rate under 100.


At the end of the day ..


A healthy diet can help boost the immune system. Prefer a meal that includes protein such as lean meat, fish, or beans, combined with whole grains like whole rice and plenty of antioxidant-rich vegetables.

• Treat yourself to a warm shower before bedtime, the hot water vapor opening the airways.


• Dive into bed for a good night’s sleep.


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